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Elemental War

3D, Tower Defense, Roguelike, Strategy · By Clockwork Origins


Recent updates

Elemental War 1.1.2 & Start of the map contest
Today's update is rather small with some imrpovements and fixes. The most important fix is the one that fixes the thumbnails for Steam Workshop. Why? Because to...
3 files — 1.1.2_rev4631
Elemental War 1.1.1
Update 1.1.1 is an out of order update for Elemental War due to two bugs that were discovered that lead to exploits giving a huge advantage ingame. Besides the...
3 files — 1.1.1_rev4620
Elemental War 1.1.0
The Elemental War co-op update is now available! With 1.1.0 you're able to play Classic and Survival Mode together with up to three friends. That was a feature...
3 files — 1.1.0_rev4589
Elemental War 1.0.5
A new update for Elemental War is now available and we have a bunch of new quality of life improvements and bug fixes again. The changes include improvements fo...
3 files — 1.0.5_rev4518
Elemental War 1.0.4
Update 4 for Elemental War is ready to be played now. This time have a few bugfixes and improvements mostly for quests and challenges. We also added more of you...
3 files — 1.0.4_rev4456
Elemental War 1.0.3
The launch week is over and we received a lot of awesome feedback. With today's update we add some bugfixes and improvements and target parts of your feedback...
3 files — 1.0.3_rev4408
Elemental War 1.0.2
The launch weekend passed and we decided to release another small update to fix some more stuff that came up during the weekend. We also added two small feature...
3 files — 1.0.2_rev4360
Elemental War 1.0.0
Today, after 9 months, Elemental War is leaving Early Access. We added a lot of features in this time and want to sum up the highlights in this news. Highlights...
3 files — 1.0.0_rev4329

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