Elemental War 1.6.0

This month’s maintenance update Elemental War 1.6.0 improves performance a little, fixes a bug and added a feature request.

After a small delay of a week we now have the regular update for you. On the performance side we have some first optimizations, but the big boost will come in the next weeks. We will set up a beta branch probably in two or three weeks. As the whole upgrade process will require a lot of testing we hope some of you will join the beta branch and help us to ensure everything is still working as expected.

While working on these optimizations we also got a feature request and a bug report. The bug was the Money tower resetting its orientation on upgrade if it has been rotated by the player. The feature request was to show the remaining active item cooldown also in the tooltip in the inventory. Both things have been done for 1.6.0.

Full changelog


  • added remaining cooldown for active items in tooltip


  • improved audio performance
  • improved level performance
  • Money tower now keeps its orientation on upgrade

If you have any balancing concerns or bugs, please let us know, either as comment, in the discussions, via the Feedback functionality ingame or on Discord.


elementalwar-windows-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 1.5.0_rev4891 Apr 03, 2020
elementalwar-osx-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 1.5.0_rev4891 Apr 03, 2020
elementalwar-linux-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 1.5.0_rev4891 Apr 03, 2020

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