Tri6: Infinite 1.2.0

The second content update brings you the new “Metallic Flame” skin set for all three vehicles together with two small bugfixes.

Today we released the second skin set for Tri6: Infinite. It’s the Metallic Flame set you can see in the trailer below. The new skins can also be unlocked for 250 electrons each. The Hermes skin is also available in the demo.

If you want to try out the game first, you can download our free demo via

Full changelog


  • added skin set “Metallic Flame”


  • fixed selected device type not being properly applied to general UI
  • fixed unlockable icons on first visit when not logged in

The next update will contain the next skin set. In the meantime we’re still working on the console ports. The PlayStation 4 version is up and running now as well and we get stable 60fps on 4K on the Pro version. We’ll do some more testing in the next weeks and plan with a release of the console versions in October.

Files 162 MB
Version 1.2.0_rev1071 Aug 10, 2020 165 MB
Version 1.2.0_rev1071 Aug 10, 2020 180 MB
Version 1.2.0_rev1071 Aug 10, 2020

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