Tri6: Infinite 1.1.0

The first content update after release contains the first skin set we call “Digital Noise” for all three vehicles together with some small improvements.

Our plan is to release a new skin set every week until we have five skins per vehicle additional to the exclusive ones you can get via SCILL Play, 4Players and 4Players Pur. The first skin set in this series is the Digital Noise skin set you can now unlock ingame for 250 electrons for each vehicle, so to unlock all three of them you need 750 electrons.

You can check out the new skins ingame before purchasing them for your collected electrons or in our new trailer featuring them:

If you want to try out the game first, you can download our free demo via

Full changelog


  • added a first skin set


  • fixed dissolve effect when using a skin
  • fixed stuttering of vehicles in curves
  • fixed vehicles sometimes rising from ground when steering pretty hard from one direction into the other one

Until the next update we will add the second skin set and continue working on the console ports. The latter look pretty good so far, it’s more or less just a matter of testing.

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