Elemental War 1.0.3

The launch week is over and we received a lot of awesome feedback. With today's update we add some bugfixes and improvements and target parts of your feedback. More will follow in the next weeks.

And we're also working on integrating Co-op so you can play at least Classic and Survival mode together with friends.

Full changelog


  • it's possible now play multiple challenges at once


  • disabled own screenshot functionality when playing on Steam
  • building or upgrading many towers at once doesn't increase volume of build sound anymore
  • fixed animations of Money and Pitch tower
  • flask for Witch Cauldron quest is now removed when quest is completed
  • progress for Witch Cauldron quest now is properly updated
  • added validation for map name in editor to avoid special characters that are incompatible with the filesystem
  • fixed several small internal errors
  • Battle Summary is now empty for alliance scores
  • fixed error when pressing Ctrl + (0-9) while no tower is selected
  • improved scores/gold for alliances actively participating in challenges
  • new highscores reached in a challenge now also count for leaderboard
  • fixed minimum size of alliance flag tooltip in leaderboard
  • alliance score properly restored now when challenge was played from alliance menu
  • when checking alliance score at last before leaving game Steam progress on score rank statistics isn't set to 0 anymore (visual issue only)
  • monster sounds of elementals now have a higher priority than normal monster sounds
  • background music now also continues during loading screen
  • loading a map/creating new map in Editor now clears the description
  • remaining alliance time now is also updated in challenges menu in alliance
  • fixed English translation for Frozen status
  • fixed English translation for Midas status
  • gold earned via Money Tower now appears directly in front of the tower
  • fixed condition for unlocking quests for Bloodseeker's Scythe and Wicked Knife
  • improved description of Witch Cauldron quest


elementalwar-windows-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 1.0.3_rev4408 Jul 28, 2019
elementalwar-osx-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 1.0.3_rev4408 Jul 28, 2019
elementalwar-linux-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 1.0.3_rev4408 Jul 28, 2019

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